Sacred Writing With Liliane Grace 15th July

Sacred Writing With Liliane Grace 15th July


15th July 


Grounded Village


Heal emotional wounds
triggered by the pandemic
and power up for whatever

lies ahead

Life has been turned upside down for most of us, whatever our
beliefs and experience about the events of 2020/2021.
If lockdowns, masking, virus fears, vaccine mandates and the threat
of digital passports are causing you or your family emotional distress,
this short course will help you to ‘heal and deal’ through the
powerful process of writing: heal the present and recent past, and
deal with current issues and whatever new challenges lie ahead.


Liliane Grace is an award-winning author and
long-time teacher of Creative Writing. She
spoke at the Brisbane Freedom Rally in
January 2022 about the risks and
opportunities of this time.
This ‘Sacred Writing’ Workshop is modelled
on one Liliane ran after the 2009 Victorian
bushfires to help those who had been
affected by the fires; this workshop aims to
guide you in expressing and sorting through
some of your feelings about the ‘pandemic’
and related issues.