Term 3 Teen WorkshopThursdays

Term 3 Teen WorkshopThursdays


Term 3 Teen workshop 

Starting week 1, Term 3

Thursday the 15th July


Week 1: ‘Artist Aprons’’
Welcome to art class!
Students showcase their individual personalities and artistic flair by creating
their very own art aprons for the term ahead.
FOCUS CLASS LESSON: Exploring personal style using a focused art technique.
experimenting different ways to use these mediums together to create
personal styles and have a whole lot of fun!

Week 2: ‘Clay Play’’
Let’s get our hands dirty and create with one of the most fun mediums -clay! –
learn techniques and tricks as we create our own little trinket dishes or pen
FOCUS CLASS LESSON: Creating Messy sensory creative modelling activity
using air dry clay and learning simple clay techniques.

Week 3: ‘Painting and circle stories’
We dive into painting our special clay designs from last week as well as
learning some super fun watercolour techniques for our visual diary circle

FOCUS CLASS LESSON: Expressing with different styles of paints and learning
the difference in how each medium can be used in fun expressive artistic ways.

Week 4: ‘’ Circle stories expression’’
In week three we will dive into the wonderful world of creating a personal
vision board by expressing on small circles and creating an effective piece of
art that tells a story about who we are.
FOCUS CLASS LESSON: Working with interesting scaling and shading concepts
as well as layering, collage and more.

Week 5: ‘mosaic art’’
This week we are going to work together to achieve a beautiful mosaic piece of
art by using mosaic tiles to get creative and fun.
FOCUS CLASS LESSON Choosing our styles to create a range of interesting
thoughtful placement of tiles to create mosaic art.

Week 6: ‘My Rad Bag designing’
In Week 5 we are channelling our inner fashion designers to create our very
own bag! Designed, decorated and oh so unique!
FOCUS CLASS LESSON: having fun learning about embellishment, colour
placement, colour combos and unique style.

Week 7: ‘polymer Clay creations’ (older Group)
“Artistic art Bowls ‘(Younger group)
A Fun creative release, in this class we will learn a few different ways to create
with polymer clay or fabric collage– A few different guides and projects to
choose from which will explode with creativity.
FOCUS CLASS LESSON: To create beautiful patterns and designs together on
our personal art.

Week 8: ‘Father’s Day or special person creating’.
Get Ready to have a whole lot of creative fun in an explosion of gift making for
a one-off dad or that special person in our life!
FOCUS CLASS LESSON: So many fun artistic things to create and make using
lots of creative art skills.

Week 9: ‘’ Andy Warhol Pop art’’
This week is all about pop art! in this super fun Andy Warhol inspired personal
profile art class! Full of colour and creativity!
FOCUS CLASS LESSON: Learning about different artists and the process of
creating, being inspired to create our own version of artistic expressionism
with inspirations such as Andy Warhol.

Week 10: ‘colourful creations’ & art party
This week students celebrate 10 weeks of incredible creating with the fun art
stations art party! Using a range of favourite mediums and embellishments,
skills learned to create a range of fun little projects.
And of course, our Grounded village celebration party to celebrate of amazing
journey of creating our own way’.
FOCUS CLASS LESSON: To implement some skills and create beautiful creative
personalised fun projects!