Term 4 Kids Workshop

Term 4 Kids Workshop


Term 4 kids workshops are ready to take bookings

Join us every Tuesday as we create our own way in grounded village.

10 week term

Every Tuesday

Start date 5th



Week 1 : Drink bottle designs - exploring imagination 


Week 2:  Big life happiness boards - using our unique special art talents to create a personal vision board of happiness heading into term 4. 


Week 3: Paper making  : exploring different mediums to create our own collage and natural dyed papers.


Week 4: Collage : using our own papers to create a beautiful artwork


Week 5 : Vibrancy Exploring : a guided class to exploring a range of different techniques and mediums to create our own way of expression artwork.


Week 6 : Tye Dye : Creating our own tye dye designs  and learning some natural dye techniques 


Week 7: Mixed Media : Guided class to creating a beautiful work of art using a range of different mixed media and our own collage papers.


Week 8: Christmas present making round robin : A range of super fun creative gift making 


Week 9 : Christmas creation round robin : Dive into creating a range of super fun crafty creations for Christmas